Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Still an Enigma:

"President-elect Barack Obama said Tuesday he is "very concerned" about the loss of life in Israel and Gaza and is closely monitoring the situation, but he once again deferred to President Bush on the matter, saying when it comes to foreign policy the U.S. has just one president at a time.

Obama spoke as Israel continued to pound Hamas targets in the Gaza strip in response to rocket-fire into southern Israel. Israeli officials said that Israel Defense Forces returned volley at a U.N. school after taking "hostile fire." The return fire set off multiple explosions that killed 34 and injured dozens more, according to Palestinian medics.

Obama said he will have plenty to say about the situation in the Mideast once he becomes president on Jan. 20. For now, though, he said he is "deeply concerned about the conflict taking place there." "

So he still refuses to tell us how he stands on the current Gaza conflict?

I really have a super bad feeling about this guy, and it just gets worse, not better...

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